I was totally wrong about CSBG database CAPTAIN

Let me start my story by saying my name is Donna Pound and I am the Community Programs Director for Big Five Community Services, Inc. in Durant, OK.  I have been with Community Action for 16 years and dealt with our agencies data for 14 ½ years.  After dealing with multiple CSBG databases that weren’t user friendly, customizable or have correct reporting I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of once again changing to the CSBG database CAPTAIN.  I thought “Oh yeah, another CSBG database that promises us the moon but delivers nothing for our CSBG IS Report.”  Well let me tell you that I was totally WRONG.

The first time I met anyone from CAP Systems was in Tulsa, OK and Lisa Pindar was there training on CAPTAIN, our new database system.  The first thing I noticed was Lisa’s patience and that she truly seemed to care whether or not we were getting what she was explaining to us.  We were met with some challenging issues due to the hotel’s internet capabilities.  Even with all of the frustration of the internet issue Lisa remained calm and more importantly she remained positive.  I knew then we, the CAA’s for State of Oklahoma, had finally found someone that was going to help us with their product instead of just selling it to us.  This was further confirmed when Brian Cayer, CEO, showed up at our training.  Come on now, how many software companies do you know that the CEO of the company shows up to assist with training.

On to tell you about some of my favorite features in CAPTAIN.  Some of my favorite features of CSBG database CAPTAIN are the ease of use, the reporting, bulk posting and the customer service.  The absolute best feature of the CSBG database CAPTAIN is the customer support provided by Lisa Pindar.  I can assure you that I have worked with databases for the last 30 years and haven’t ever had a company that provided the level of customer care that Lisa provides everyone.  There hasn’t been a time when I needed her help that she wasn’t there via email, phone, webinar and even one-on-one training.   If I need to train a new staff member or maybe multiple staff members on a new topic all I have to do is shoot Lisa an email, explain what I need the training to be on and schedule a time that works for both of us.  I can’t possibly say enough about the customer support and training provided by CAP Systems. 

The next best feature of the CSBG database CAPTAIN, for me, is the simple fact that for once in the 15 years I’ve been with Community Action, we finally have a database that gives accurate reports.  Not only does it give us accurate reports but you can run a report on absolutely anything.  The ad hoc reporting feature makes it possible to capture any field and/or fields of data by program, case worker, site, dates, etc.  Plus with the simple touch of a button you can export your data to an excel spreadsheet, PDF or HTML.  I prefer to export the majority of my reports into excel so that I have the ability to filter out different elements of data from that report.  Prior to CAPTAIN we could only access a few standard reports in our database and the numbers were never accurate.  That is when you could get the reports to even run properly.  The case demographics report and the performance measures report make my life so easy when it comes time to completing the CSBG IS Reporting. 

The last feature I would like to tell you about is the Service Activity Bulk Posting feature.  This feature works so great and is so easy to use.  Our current Head Start funded enrollment is 1,785, so the bulk posting allows us to enter our critical activities and milestones much more efficiently.  You simply have to enter to one client the critical activity or milestone that you are needing to copy.  Then you just select that activity and select the Service Activity Bulk Posting tab.  Once in the tab you have the capability to sort by service plan date or intake date and can even select only one site or multiple sites.  Once you have things filtered down the way you want them you simply have to go through the list and select the applicants you need and then tell it to post.  Voila, the system posts that critical activity or milestone to every client you selected and you never even have to open that client. 

In conclusion, I would have to say hats off to the people at CAP Systems for developing a product that is user friendly and more importantly for providing customer service for that product that goes above and beyond.