Emergency Services

Emergency Services (Fiduciary-based Case Management) provides multi-level control of payment authorization with payment to outside systems. Experience fiduciary-based case management that allows you to administer grant budgets and track commitments and expenditures. This feature allows multi-level control of payment authorization with payment to outside systems.

Access powerful audit controls using a three-tier approval process for invoices.  Each user is assigned a “level number” which controls the final approval of an invoice for payment.

Emergency Services Module Features

Budget Controls

Imagine any program where service delivery results in a payment can have budget management controls in place. This feature brings your finance department into the programs to ensure that service delivery has the proper budgetary controls in place.

Benefit Administration

Caseworkers are able to assign a benefit in behalf of the applicant/household that will immediately be encumbered against a program/grant budget. The benefit can then have services, with invoices, applied against the benefit while the higher level budget   controls are all being managed by CAPTAIN.

Vendor Payment Process

Services that deliver a payment to a vendor on behalf of a client can be managed under each benefit award.  Services can be tracked and tagged as approved.  An invoice and vendor can be “tagged” for payment and the benefit and budget balances are all              updated and managed in the one service posting event.

Invoice Approval Process

This feature is the bridge between the finance department and the programs. This multi-level invoice-approval process ensures the proper financial checks and balances are being met before a vendor payment is made. How does this work?

  • Program supervisor approves payments at the first level and the invoice moves on to the next step.
  • Finance department approval creates another layer of approval before the payment can be made to the vendor.
Electronic Invoice Data Feed

Approved invoices are organized by the system and are electronically fed into the finance department accounting system. With all grant accounts already setup in CAPTAIN and a parallel Vendor Table feed between systems already in place, the finance department accounting system controls are met and covered.

Module Reporting

A library of canned reporting and Adhoc reporting that will allow grants and programs to report on wide range of topics.

  • Adhoc will allow reporting on ANY data (Intake, Budget, Benefit, Invoices) field in the Emergency Services Module.
  • Create statistical reporting the way you want to see it or access program regulation customizations. Either way – review data in seconds.
  • Instantly review invoice approval reports
  • Service budget reporting
  • Referral & follow-up reporting
  • Reporting by service & fund

What our Customers are Saying


CAPTAIN System Administrator

Cory S., Grants Manager 


“Central Oklahoma Community Action Agency has been using CAPTAIN for the last five years.  CAPTAIN is used statewide by the community action agencies and has been a blessing compared to the previous system we used to capture our program activities. 

In our previous system, it was very difficult to pull reports and analyze what had been entered as the user did not have direct control to create reports.  With CAPTAIN, we can create as many reports as we need, save the parameters, and use them as many times as needed.  One of the greatest features of the reports section is the option to convert your report into Excel spreadsheets.  This feature makes it so much easier to manipulate your data in various ways.”

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