LIHEAP is our Fuel Assistance Module that tracks intakes, client and vendor notifications, certifications, payments to vendors and funding source reporting.

In 1974 CAPTAIN was the first LIHEAP system in the country to handle the energy crisis at that time.

Our Fuel Assistance Module is a robust and comprehensive module to handle all the end user and administrative functions of running and overseeing the program.  From tracking intakes, client and vendor notifications, certification, payments to vendors and funding source reporting.

LIHEAP Module Features

Incomplete Intake Tracking

There is nothing more frustrating than delaying services to your client because of missing documentation. This feature allows you to create customized categories identifying why an application is incomplete. With CAPTAIN on your team you just select the different reason(s) and provide case notes to keep track of what is needed to from the client in order to complete their application.

  • System Administrator can control letter content by incomplete category!
  • Case Workers can add to the letter content to expand on the detail missing items.
  • As missing documentation is received the incomplete letter data base is updated and all Users, across the network, can see the current status of the application.
  • If there is an Incomplete Letter with missing documentation there are added features that can be enabled to limit service delivery.
Benefit Administration

The CAPTAIN LIHEAP module allows for the very strict state LIHEAP rules to be reflected into our system. When a user assigns a benefit to the customer you can be assured that the very exact rules to calculate the benefit were used by the software. While working                                                   with the client you simply verify the intake workers effort and the benefit is automatically calculated.

  • Margin over Rack or Harbor Pricing functionality feature is available when partnering with the state.
  • Consumption tracking allows state LIHEAP programs to track usage and factor this into the benefit determination logic when required.
  • Controls to ensure all calculated benefits are verified before sending out eligibility notices to the vendor or client


Vendor Payment and Check Processing

All payments to Vendors can be controlled by the CAPTAIN bundling tool that creates payment controls. Complete payment functions by available Funding, Vendor, even Fund Source.

  • Checks can be processed right out of CAPTAIN.
  • Easily feed invoices electronically to agency fiscal software. That communication immediately returns back to CAPTAIN with a check number and a check date for reference.
Client and Vendor Notification

All Client and Vendor notices are 100% automated and can be created in bulk or individually by client. The reasons for doing both individually or in bulk depend on the types of controls that the customer wants to have. If the customer wants to have a layer                             of checks and balances to confirm the intake and certification are accurate then the bulk method is usually the most effective.

  • Notifications to client content can be customized to specifically track your state LIHEAP office mandates.
  • An electronic feed to utility companies for notification of eligibility will prevent shut-offs.
  • All Check payment files can be electronically sent to Vendors.
Enterprise Reporting

Never be stuck manually counting data for your funding source requirements again.  Any User can create reports using any data element in the system.  Create preadsheet’s, PDFs or use a simple text file format.

  • Adhoc will allow reporting on ANY data (Intake, Supplier, Benefit, Invoices) field in the LIHEAP module.
  • Create statistical reporting they way you want to see it or access state specific LIHEAP program regulation customizations. Either way – review data in seconds.
  • Full featured Vendor/Client Notifications
  • Telephone discount reporting
  • Utility Discount reporting
  • SS# validation reporting electronically to the Feds

What our Customers are Saying


Barbara P., Director of Community Services

CAP Systems has developed an excellent software product for our energy program. Brian Cayer works directly with our entire network to customize the software with all our state specific needs. Each year he enhances his product with updates that improves the process flow. Brian works with each agency to customize and design the program to meet every agency’s individual needs and to give us the reports that we need with the accuracy needed to satisfy our funders.

CAP Systems also has an excellent customer care team, with years of knowledge of the system and our programs. Brian and his team work tirelessly with us to make sure we get all the information, in the way we need it, and the reports out exactly the way we want them.

The entire CAPs team is responsive to the needs of our agency and work with us to put out a product that works best for our agency.

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