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Our promised customer value starts with a great experience in the awareness stage, stays a priority through the purchasing process, and continues into your post-purchase experience.  

We are immersed in our customer community because we know they unlock the true value of our system every day.  Activities that our teams engage in are centered around the needs and feedback from our global customer community.

Those close customer relationships are how we differentiate ourselves.  We understand you need data you can rely on; and we are responsible to make certain you can get there as quickly and as simply as possible.  You will know we are vested in your success, because we will be the beacon and lead the way.  

14  OnBoarding

We lead the way, Day #1, to ensure that new users, and system administrators, acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to successfully integrate CAPTAIN into agency daily operations.

14  Custom Design

We design your system with your input.  You need to be confident that you can stockpile data that will emerge relevant the moment you need it.

14  ROMA Next Gen Ready

Our team is immersed in the NASCSP ROMA Next Gen initiative.  We are out in front to ensure that our customer community has everything they need.  ROMA or ROMA NG. – the system is ready.

14  Enterprise System

All the tools necessary to assess, plan, implement, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the options and services in one system.  Demonstrate your clients are on a path to self-sufficiency through evidence-based case management.

14  Training & User Groups

It isn’t enough to have a great system. Your user network needs to know how to use it.   Collective user groups empower bigger impact wherever it lands.  We help identify super users and even participate in user group activities with you.

14Customer Community

We know the true value of our system is unlocked every day throughout our network of customers.  We listen, and our features reflect that.  One customer idea has the potential to be the next new feature that everyone can benefit from.

Case Management


ROMA Next Gen Ready

Common Intake


Program Enrollment

Service Integration Matrix

Image Upload

Enterprise Reporting

Emergency Services

Budget Controls

Benefit Administration

Vendor Payment Process

Invoice Approval

Electronic Invoice Data Feed

EMS Module Reporting

Head Start


Manage Enrollment and Attendance

Tracking and Monitoring


Attendance & CACFP Meal Reimbursement


Module Reporting



Incomplete Intake Tracking

Benefit Determination

Vendor Payment and Check Processing

Client and Vendor Notification

Enterprise Reporting

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