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Join the Head Start and Early Head Start programs across the nation that are using our 100% customizable, proven software to manage all their child and family information, track and monitor enrollment, attendance, their PIR, and much more.

Head Start Module Features

Tracking and Monitoring

Whether your focus is performance standard or compliance, we all know you’re headed directly to your PIR.

  • Your client tracking feature will manage it all.
  • Content Area Specialists, Coordinators, or Managers can see it all.

Don’t want to see it all?  Users can design their own component tracks.   Never look at information you don’t need to monitor again. All your client tracking is managed just exactly the way you collect the information.

We will help you design your Master Track and Component Tracks to match the phrases and activities that you already collect.  No fitting into a box or translating information.  Your screenings, your child develop


Eliminate all the frustrations for your ERSEA tracking and monitoring. Manage your program enrollment and funded slots assignments with a click of your mouse.

  • Easily manage classroom enrollment
  • Review the classroom counts and key demographics with the click of one button
  • Transfer a child from one classroom to another and have all their information follow along, including PIR report data.

You can even review all enrollment data by FUND, for those classrooms that have children support by different funding sources. CAPTAIN keeps track of it all – AM, PM, Full-Day, Extend Day and more!

Run one report to submit your Enrollment Summary using the Enterprise System to your regional office.

Bring your Wait List report to your selection committee meeting and see every child’s ranking for discussion.

Save & Exit

Attendance and CACFP Meal Reimbursement
  • Track daily attendance
  • Know if your ADA is at 85% by Center, by Class, or across the total program with a click of the mouse
  • CACFP meal reimbursement is tracked right alongside attendance.  Never calculate meals served again

Submit CACFP meal reimbursement data, online, directly from our structured report.


Manage your PIR report data right from day one. We’ve eliminated your need to sit and count data – CAPTAIN does that for you. Simple and straightforward logic associations drive your child specific tracking information directly to your PIR Report. Every time a child achieves a milestone it is added right into your PIR. Instead of dreading the end of your program year and finalizing your PIR, you’ll be monitoring that throughout the year.

Instantly access information for:

  • Newly enrolled children that were assessed
  • Age at Enrollment
  • Children EPSDT current at enrollment and the end of the year
  • Categorization of eligibility for each child at enrollment
  • Highest level of education in each household
  • The number of families employed or involved in school or job training<.li>…and much more! The PIR Counting Tool is updated daily to ensure that every new child that enrolled in your program and attended one day is a part of your report. If you can track it, CAPTAIN can manage it. Information that is traditionally gathered at recruitment can be used whenever you need it.


Module Reporting
  • Create custom reports for monitoring your content areas.
  • Users can individualize their reports to only look at the information they want to.
  • Quickly and easily see an overview by Center or a specific classroom, or even a specific child.
  • Create labels and provide teams with a condensed or detailed child list by classroom or for the entire program.


What our Customers are Saying


Jean Cooper, Executive Director


“Our agency was interested in the CAPTAIN software so that we could make sure our clients received every service they are eligible for at our agency.  We also wanted to make referrals to external agencies like Human Services so that the clients could receive those benefits.

Our relationship with CAP Systems has exceeded our wildest imagination.

Brian and Lisa have worked with us every step of the way to make sure that the system is set up to give us everything we need.”

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