Case Management

Our customer community can command any story.

Deploying CAPTAIN provides a culture of insight and measurement. It allows a user experience that delivers data-driven monitoring and reporting in distinct areas:

  • Common Intake
  • Benefit Portal
  • Needs Assessment
  • Contact/Service/Activity/Referrals

Case Management Module Features

Service/Activity Posting - ROMA NG Ready!
Track your program contacts, services, referrals, and the corresponding outcome indicators, including historical data as needed.
This 100% user definable feature allows your agency to manage data exactly the way services are delivered.  Whatever your ROMA reporting mandates, you manage your own program specific national performance indicators in order to automatically assess and measure the outcomes which are benefits to individuals, families, organizations and communities derived from participation in a program or service. Experience the automated power of comparing actual program results with your established national performance goals as well as the means to quickly and efficiently verify and validate the measured outcomes.
Common Intake

Control the optional and required fields for data entry, program by program, so that data entry personnel don’t overlook entering crucial data that is used for reporting. Program Managers are no longer frustrated!   Manage a Central Intake if your funding source mandates it.  If you don’t need it, you don’t have to use it.

  • Manage all your data at program levels
  • Every program can be different
  • Users never re-enter data
  • Rollover client data year after year
  • Print applications

Collecting data for one specific funding source is no longer a problem. Design an unlimited amount of custom questions and manage those custom fields in a variety of ways:

  • date
  • text field
  • drop down options
  • select more than one qualifying response
  • and more!

Your solution to limited access to documents and/or file, is something our customer community relies on.  Attach important information or supporting documents that assisted your team in determining program eligibility. You’re prepared for your audit right from the beginning.

Pre-Assessment, Full Assessment, Needs Assessment, Risk Assessment

These features are designed to allow you to look at the needs and risk of any client, or household, input into the system regardless of which program delivered the services.

  • Automate ranking the risk in a client’s household
  • Total control to define as many assessments as needed along with all the rules that control the assessment.
  • Questions are grouped by category or scale, and your benchmarks are automatically determined based on the responses to the questions.
  • Reporting by agency and client to measure the clients progress over time.

Your agency can deploy a Matrix/Scales solution to easily assess client vulnerabilities and to help case managers deliver services that are easily identified and/or needed.

The system determines the status or baseline of each client or household using the comprehensive User-designed assessment.  Whether your agency needs one or more matrix/scales assessments tools, CAPTAIN will manage them all to provide an overall assessment of individual client or family movement toward self-sufficiency or stability.

Program Enrollment

The program enrollment screen allows any user to resource internal program referrals while managing a current master list of clients currently receiving program services.

Service Integration Matrix

Our customer community is comfortable relying on CAPTAIN just like any other team member.  We understand that you have more than enough to do each day.  Our customer community engages in case management, even when they think they don’t!

The SIM delivers time efficiencies and eliminates redundancy in your data.  Plus – the system does 100% of the work.

  • Manages information everyone can access (breaks down the silos a bit)
  • Completes a full review against any program option you ask it to (including programs not even under your agency umbrella)
  • Quickly provides a master list of potential clients you can offer potential services to

This feature delivers time efficiencies and eliminates redundancy in data collection along with accurate information regarding the program options that your client’s household could potentially benefit from.  The system does 100% of the work.  To engage this feature adds 1.5 seconds to the user experience completing their data entry tasks.

How does it really work?

Once the user has completed the intake tasks and clicked SAVE, this feature will check all stored eligibility criteria and immediately deliver a wider perspective of service opportunities.  The data entry user engages the SIM, any other user can review the results, and because that sometimes isn’t enough – the system prepares a letter with all the information that can be printed out and delivered to the client.

It is very important to note that the when using this feature the system is checking each program/service area to see if the customer meets the eligibility criteria of the programs offered only. The system is not verifying the intake.  The system is not making a determination that the client/household will participate.  It’s a presumptive decision, based on eligibility criteria, that is now available to the user community.

Would you share an example?

Of course we will!

A single mother arrives at your agency because her electric company has sent her a shut-off notice.  She’s in crisis.  She can’t focus on anything else.  She wants help.  She wants to know someone is going to help her fix her situation.   This mother isn’t going to be able to, or want to, consider a long list of program options your agency can offer her.   The following week, she might benefit from a follow-up phone call and new, helpful information about other ways her household could benefit from program services you can offer.

Image Upload

You can upload any scanned documentation needed for reference.  This privilege and security-driven feature ensures which users can see these documents and more importantly which users can’t.

Virtually any image/file [.pdf, .doc, .gif, .jpg, etc.] type can be uploaded with this feature. Significant security privileges allow full control for all programs to access all image types.  If the active user account doesn’t have the privileges, the user can’t see the images.

Enterprise Reporting

Never be stuck manually counting demographic or outcome data for your funding source requirements again.  Any user can create reports using audit ready reports.  The system will create EXCEL spreadsheet’s, pdfs, or WORD formatted reports as you need them.

  • Comprehensive services generated to update program managers, leadership, even your board of directors.
  • Unduplicated case demographics supporting fund requirements
  • Unduplicated outcomes, grouped as you need them, supporting fund requirements.
  • Ranking/Risk Assessment reporting
  • Data driven full assessment matrix/scale reporting with full audit reports in one report
  • Adhoc reporting where you can cherry-pick data fields in the combination you need for your report activity, audit, and review.

What our Customers are Saying


Suzanne R., Rogers County Customer Services Representative

By checking the SIM tab to verify an emergency assistance client is eligible for another of C.A.R.D.’s programs ensures that I am helping my client every way I can.

CAPTAIN has enabled me to stop and think about my clients individually, consider their unique information, and then also be able to understand similarities among my clients.  Further, it is a way to easily and quickly access my client’s file and information.  As we collect and enter the data for CAPTAIN, a realization, or a snapshot, of the client’s household gives us a unique view of the individual   and their circumstances.

I know that the information, in total, can paint a statistical picture of the clients we serve, but it also can make us more mindful of just what questions and inquiries may help us to help them.  To enter data in CAPTAIN, I find as I complete each “page” I am learning the household’s “story.”


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